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The program for smart traffic and street lighting system and home automation system. More on Instructables link.


Scripts hosted on github for captcha cracking. Different image sampling and processing scripts for advance captcha cracking using python and tesseract ocr by google.


Scripts hosted on github for automated reading of qr codes. Different scripts to pre-process the qr code in case of damaged qr code before reading. Using python and c-based zlib library to detect and read tampered qr codes too!


A simple and robust IRC Bot codede in python to take challenges for you in web ctf`s or use on #freenode irc channels with ease.

Python Cookbook

A lot of important and usefull scripts in python as well as shell scripts to be used in security and hacking. Dictionary attack and Bruteforce attack scripts in python for cracking hashes as well as for ctf`s. A python implementation of almost all block ciphers with their decryption. Constantly maintained and many more to come!

Scapy Experiments

Lower level networking and packet manupulation scripts using scapy module in python. To launch rouge SSID, sniffer and deauthentication attacks with simple scripts. A last script to detect these kinds of attack and to log the MAC launching them. Shell scripts to automate different tasks and some attacks.