"It is not who i am, but what i do that defines me"...

HI! I`am m29 I like computers and everything there is to it. Learning as much as i can about anything that i can get my hands onto. Aspiring engineer and a keen observer,'hopelessly optimistic' ,curious and forever a student. I like to build things and sometimes delete them too :-).A true believer of Force and a big sci-fi bugger. Although I am still learning both the aspects and consider myself a humble cyber crusader with a responsibiity to chart the uncharted territories of the binary world, Below are some of my endeavours in this magical world :

May the force be with you

Web Appication testing and Penetration Testing Recently statrted as Researcher :-)at BUGCROWD for web application testing. Learning and polishing the art of hacking and penetration testing at root-me: Java authentication,obfuscation; DOM XSS; Crosssite Srcripting; Client/Server side pen testing ..ctf`s and u know all!!.

Hobbyist web developer and programmer quite proficient in front end/back end development.Pyhton is what the free society stands for and so I too humbly supports it. Develops small time codes in C++ for DIY Hobbyits like me in Arduin IDE and different development environments. MY GITHUB

Spends some of my spare time in learning new DIY arts from the masters at Instructables.Made "smart lighting and fault detection system for street lights", few small ardunio powered robots and working on different new DIY hacks in IOT. Checkout the Instructables site at my BINARY WORLD page. I also like to contemplate the hidden mysteries of the universe through my other endeavours .You can have a look at the dark side of my force at my "final frontier" link on BINARY WORLD page and can join me after a little game.I like code cracking as you can tell from my BW page. Apart from my laptop I like travelling a lot and I thinks it helps me to form a different perspective of world around us and to answer all the different mysteries of life.