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This site is a partial collection of projects I've worked on, thoughts I've written down, and softwares I create and posted.

In the past I have worked as hardware engineer, marketing guy, programmer and designer. I have worked for PCB manufacturing startups and have written simple programs and DIY projects to help the community. I like exploring. I used to do a lot of backpacking trips across the country in college with my friends, some of which went terribly wrong also. I travel as far as I could go on and continue to do so hopefully! I currently live in Bangalore.

I like computer security and software development, particularly in the areas of secure communication, cryptography, reverse engeenering, and anonymity. I also enjoy my fare share of hardware hacking as I am learning it gradually. But to tell you the truth, in words of my college days hero - Moxie Marlinspike aka Cypherpunks :

I also secretly hate technology, am partially horrified with the direction the so called "geek" culture has gone, and have little affection for the weird entrepreneur scene that's currently devouring the country.

I like to travel some of the beautiful countries of the world and would like to have my own simple beach-side shack (resturant) in the future to get away from the world sometimes. I write small articles on my blog related to computers, security and technology, travelling, and different events from my life.

In general I would like to contribute to a world where skills, imagination and relationships are valued over careers and money, where we know better to trust banks, cops and politicians, where we can share our thoughts freely, and to build a self-sustaining, trustworthy community in a self-motivated as well as in a self-guided way.